Windigo Island: A Novel (Cork OConnor Mystery Series Book 14)

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He learns that the old port city of Duluth is a modern-day center for sex trafficking of vulnerable women, many of whom are young Native Americans. As the investigation deepens, so does the danger. Yet Cork holds tight to his higher purpose—his vow to find Mariah, an innocent fifteen-year-old girl whose family is desperate to get her back.

With only the barest hope of saving her from men whose darkness rivals that of the legendary Windigo, Cork prepares for an epic battle that will determine whether it will be fear, or love, that truly conquers all. He lives in the Twin Cities with his family.

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Now, years later, the mutilation murder of a homeless man brings back a flood of unpleasant memories. At the same time, FBI agent Felicia Knight is busy tracking down a terrorist cell purportedly set to strike in our nation s capital on the eve of the presidential election. What neither McClain nor Knight realizes is the two cases are secretly connected by a sinister plot more diabolical and far reaching than either of them can imagine.

As their investigations coalesce, they find themselves in a desperate race against the clock to try and prevent our nation s capital from being engulfed in a cloud of death and destruction.

Windigo Island: a novel

About the AuthorMichael A. Black is the author of 19 books and over short stories and articles. He is an army veteran and was a police officer in the south suburbs of Chicago for over thirty years and worked in various capacities in police work including patrol supervisor, SWAT team leader, and tactical operations supervisor.

His Ron Shade series, featuring the Chicago-based kickboxing private eye, and his police procedural series won several awards. He has also written two novels with television star Richard Belzer. Sherlock Holmes concluded that it was because the intruder was known to the dog. Why was Conan Doyle silent about this case? Spellbinding, intriguing and with a beguiling wit, Ms.

Madsen delighted. David Downing's first signing in the United States. Many of you are familiar with six novel series about espionage with John Russell in Silesia, Potsdam, Stettin Lehrter, Masaryk, not to mention the Zoo. Come to enjoy a delightful discussion. Find out where he gets his ideas from and where plans to take us with Jack Mc Coll in the future.

Introducing The Dave Cubiak Door County Mysteries: smart, hard-edged detective fiction on a popular vacation peninsula, a scenic wonderland surrounded by the pristine waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Murders, or bizarre accidents? Newly hired park ranger Dave Cubiak, a former Chicago homicide detective, assumes the worst but refuses to get involved. Forced to confront the past, the morose Cubiak moves beyond his own heartache and starts investigating, even as a popular festival draws more people into possible danger.

Befriended by several locals but unsure whom to trust or to suspect of murder, the one-time cop tracks a clever killer.

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She has worked as a magazine editor, ghost writer, and writing instructor. A native of Chicago, she lives in the city and takes time off at her cottage in Door County, Wisconsin.

The wilderness of Door County, Wis. Homicide detective Dave Cubiak, in drunken despair after the accidental deaths of his wife and daughter, flees Chicago for Door County, where he becomes a park ranger. Just before the Fourth of July Festival, six people die in quick succession.

Dugan Beck, head of the Peninsula State Park citizens advisory board, is bent on keeping things quiet so as not to jeopardize the summer tourist trade; he pressures the reluctant Cubiak to dig into the deep-seated personal enmities that seethe beneath the surface of the long-standing debate between those who favor conservation and those who prefer development. Shadows of Chicago is the extraordinary true story of three childhood friends and witnesses to the Great Chicago Fire who became early-twentieth century celebrities, only to have their lives end tragically.

Shadows of Chicago exposes shocking facts that prove each of the three men were entangled in the most notorious crimes in the nation's history. His life spiraled out of control when he became wrapped up in the infamous Black Sox Scandal. The second, James "Big Jim" Horan, rises to the rank of First Fire Marshal of Chicago and establishes himself as the most influential trailblazer in American firefighting.

His great deeds are cut short when he, along with twenty-two other firefighters, became involved in the most tragic fire in American history.

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  8. As mayor, after he crumbles the most notorious vice district in America's history, the Levee, his life takes a turn for the worse. Desolation Mountain William Kent Krueger. Welcome to the Book Industry Charitable Binc Foundation, a c 3 non-profit dedicated to assisting booksellers in need since The Binc Foundation grew out of a wish of bookstore employees to establish a fund to help their colleagues experiencing an unexpected financial crisis.

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    Binc is dedicated to assisting bookstore employees across the United States in their greatest time of need. Skip to main content. My Account. By William Kent Krueger.

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    Published: Atria Books - August 19th, Ordinary Grace: A Novel Paperback. Availability: Usually Ships in Days. Published: Atria Books - August 11th, Published: Atria Books - August 20th, Praise for The Black Hour… "An exceptional debut Post a Comment. Now I feel so grateful to Krueger for pointing out such a failing in our management of race relations that the treatment of Indians on reservations and off is still a hideous blemish we have to confront every day in parts of our country.

    Minn favorite son William Kent Krueger writes from heart! INTERVIEW

    Indian attitudes should be cold. Krueger gives us a window into a world many of us will never experience firsthand, shares words, customs, traditions, and details of Indian life that can be mined for the underpinning of Indian heritage and culture. In this installment, Krueger brings us to North Dakota where some Indians are working to preserve a landscape that is threatened by oil companies dedicated to oil retrieval in the Bakken Formation through the process of fracking.