The Tree Outside The Window

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Home About Peerless Cynic Where derision meets concision. What are you staring at? The rocks.

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Those rocks outside the window. It looks like such a nice day outside and this cubicle is making me claustrophobic. Well work harder. Again with the tree?! I know. Then just do it. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Why so serious? I shot the sheriff!

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A new officer, who seemed particularly confident with the cherry-picker, strapped on a helmet, stepped into the compartment, and directed an operator, who lifted him as close to Tree Man as possible. He sprayed Tree Man with a hose; in retaliation, Tree Man pulled his pants down and urinated toward the officer. The officer alternated between orders and pleas, his cherry-picker crawling more slowly than Tree Man could climb. He and the officer tussled, mid-tree, as the officer tried to swing him off balance, down onto the mat.

talking to the tree outside my window while I sleep

Tree Man batted him away diligently. The standoff lasted about twenty minutes, alternately surreal, enraging, and hilarious: a physical confrontation between an unarmed civilian and an officer, this time eleven feet above the ground. You know what they say about things that go up. Once Tree Man hit the mat, the officers swarmed him, cuffed him, and took him away. One officer then used a chainsaw to hack off the lowest branches of the tree, to prevent Tree Man from climbing again.

But, a few weeks later, he was back, and he has appeared outside my window several times since.

He still sings: later in the night or earlier in the morning than he used to, but just as loudly, and comfortingly out of tune. One morning last week, as I walked to the corner store to buy a stamp, I saw Tree Man riding down the avenue on his bike. It was odd to see him in the daylight, obeying the laws of gravity.

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He said good morning to people as he rode by, mostly to women. I considered saying hello, shaking his hand, telling him that he was the man. I figured I should cherish spotting him around the block while I could. Two boys playing in tree outside hut window. File size:. Open your image file to the full size using image processing software. Dimensions: x px Photographer: Frank and Helena.

The Tree Man Outside My Window

Date taken: 28 May Location: Rosudgen,Cornwall,United Kingdom. View discounts. Sorry your purchase has been declined because your account is on hold.

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Rain Hitting Window with Wind Through Trees Sound

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