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For Dawkins, the widespread belief in an afterlife among human cultures is an attempt to comfort those who have lost loved ones and to address our natural desire for survival. The desire for immortality despite the inevitability of death is the real subject of this episode.

Dawkins finds that desire fulfilled not in the hope eternal life, but rather in biology. No surprise there for this evolutionary biologist. Recall my observation in my last post how if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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For Dawkins, immortality is found not in the soul, but in our DNA. Embedded in his DNA is found the genetic material of each of his innumerable ancestors. His own genetic material will be added to the DNA of his offspring. In this way, he will live forever, though not in a personal way. Like his biological answer to the question of morality , I find his biological answer to immortality to be deeply unsatisfying.

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First, it is of no comfort at all to those without children! But more to the point, if it is not actually our person that goes on after death, but just some part of our biological makeup, then who cares? Not forever. Nothing purely material can ever be truly immortal. Oh, it may live a very, very long time. But everything dies in the end.

Scientists tell us that our sun, like all stars, has a life-cycle. No DNA will survive that.

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Ah, but by then humans may have developed technology to travel to other planets. The galaxy could be seeded with human population in countless other solar systems by that point! Perhaps that is true.

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But even that will ultimately be to no avail. Science again tells us that the universe itself will die. If the essence of a good story is, in fact, dramatic conflict, the people Lombardo interacts with from the first page to the last page are good storytellers. Simply put, nothing is cut-and-dried for Lombardo, because nobody lets him cut and dry. Starting with Lombardo's girlfriend and ending with the novel's villain whose identity may or may not surprise you , nobody acts in a predictable manner, for the reader or the protagonist. It does seem a little much at times, but overall, it's pretty fun and funny to sift through the relationships.

At several points in the book, the detailed narration can overwhelm the reader, but never will you be left with the impression that you don't know who the characters are, where they are, or what's immediately going on. Regardless of whether or not you find the narrative style too heavy, the plot, the tone, and the various characterizations are crystal clear throughout the entire book.

In short, Sex and Death, I Suppose is classic noir and pulp with a modern bent, and totally irreverent. Lombardo is a great protagonist and I, for one, would like to read more about him in the future. There's easily an error at least every other page.

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Bad errors, too. Missing letters, fucked up punctuation, repeated words, changed words, wrong words While it doesn't "lie" to the reader, it's extremely misleading and does nothing to help one want to read it.

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Verdict: Read it. Bad Baino June 27, at AM. Wine and Words June 27, at PM. Siobhan June 28, at AM. During her interview on Origins , Parker recounted her attempts to get Cattrall on board. You're an integral part.

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