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We seem to be running short of time as this release will soon be available to the public - so, in-lieu of a full review of each title, we will post the screen captures and technicals with these details hopefully informing some of the quality. I agree with David from our ListServ in regards to The Decameron when he states: " Gary, the Criterion unquestionably most resembles the gorgeous original release Tech prints.

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We will report more at a later date - including on the, marvelous, extensive extras. The PCM 2. I had no problems whatsoever with the sound quality. There's no distortions or unwanted background noise e.

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Instead the audio is continuously crisp with both the dialogue and music sounding clear. Similarly, the subtitles sample above are easily read and unobtrusive. Finally, like most Italian cinema of the day, the film suffers from a loose synchronization process. This is inherent in the original print of the film and has been preserved by the BFI. Gary tells me his Momitsu has identified it as being a region 'B'-locked disc.

The disc uses the traditional pop-up menus found on most Blu-ray s.

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The information is easy to find and access. One may access, seamlessly branched, the alternate English version. It is simply the optional English DUB and unrestored English language credits playing in the opening for and the 'The End' at the completion with a few text-related scenes in the film altered to English at minutes, minutes and minutes.

Aside from an original trailer whose copious nudity puts American red-bands to shame, there's a minute documentary on the effect of Pasolini's trilogy on soft-core Italian medieval literary epics--a genre that I didn't even know existed! This featurette with input from producers Alfredo Bini and Gabriele Crisanti, writer and critic Serafino Murri is in Italian with optional English subtitles.

I found it amusing, informative, and certainly worth the time to watch. Newlove and has served on the boards of various international journals and conferences. Sabina D'angelo , business consultant. She teaches English language and literature at Liceo scientifico "G. Galilei" in Siena. She has published articles in numerous literary journals in Canada and Europe.

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