Outsider in the Promised Land: An Iraqi Jew in Israel

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Anti-Israel lawyer found dead after serving jail time for abusing airline staff. Anti-Israel lawyer jailed for six months after drunken racist rant on Air India flight.

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History of the Jews - summary from 750 BC to Israel-Palestine conflict

Died October 24, Julie Carbonara Thursday, November 30, Lucien Gubbay Thursday, November 23, I came to Israel to gether with my mother in February I wastwentysix. A twenty-year-old unmarried sister, who had arrived the previous year, was already at some kibbutz; my father had died four years earlier. We stayed for a few nights at the home of an aunt in Haifa. The husband said why, with the kind of experience you have and with your knowledge of English, you can easily find a job. He made me write four applications—to the oil refineries, the electric company, Discount Bank, and Bank Leumi.

All four wrote back expressing an interest, and finally for some reason or other I chose Discount, was duly accepted, and started work immediately. An unknown error has occurred. In , Amos Oz picked olives with Palestinian villagers in protest against increasing violence from Jewish settlers. It took me some time to realize that the fulfillment of the dreams of the Jews had a cost. And to a large extent the Palestinian Arabs had to pay this cost. I didn't realize this as a child.

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I do realize it now. This is the land of the prophets, there is too much competition in the prophecies business here laughing. I don't dare to tell you where it will be seven months from now.

I tell you what I want. This will be the shortest answer in the whole interview: Peace. On May 14, , David Ben-Gurion, future first prime minister of Israel, declares the state's independence, outlining the Jewish story: "The people kept faith with the land throughout their dispersion and never ceased to pray and hope for their return to it and for the restoration in it of their political freedom. While the controversial idea of a God-given land for Jews has biblical roots, the Holocaust was a close, powerful backdrop for the significance of Israel's founding.

Nazi Germany murdered six million Jews across Europe, and those who survived the concentration camps endured expulsion and forced labor. The above photo shows survivors of the Auschwitz camp following liberation. That is the word that Palestinians and their supporters use to mark Israel's independence. About , Arabs living in Palestine at the time fled as waves of Jewish immigrants arrived to settle in the new Jewish state. The birth of Israel was the start of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which remains unresolved 70 years later despite numerous attempts.

These land collectives, known as kibbutzim in the plural, were established across Israel following independence. Many were run by secular or socialist Jews in an effort to realize their vision of society. Victory leads to occupation — and more tension and conflict. Israel's settlement policy worsens the conflict with Palestinians. Due to development and expansion of Jewish areas on occupied Palestinian land, the Palestinian Authority accuses Israel of making a future Palestinian state untenable.

Israel has largely ignored the international community's criticism of its settlement policy, arguing new construction is either legal or necessary for security. In winter , Palestinians begin mass protests of Israel's ongoing occupation. The uprising eventually wound down and led to the Oslo Accords — the first face-to-face agreement between the government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization PLO , the representative body of the Palestinian people.

The result, the Oslo I Accord, is each side's recognition of the other. The agreement leads many to hope that an end to the Israel-Palestine conflict is not far off, but peace initiatives suffer a major setback when Rabin is assassinated two years later.

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A right-wing Jewish fanatic shoots and kills Rabin on November 4, , while he is leaving a peace rally in Tel Aviv. Rabin's assassination throws the spotlight on Israel's internal social strife. The divide is growing between centrist and extremist, secular and religious. The photo shows Israel's then-acting prime minister, Shimon Peres, next to the empty chair of his murdered colleague.

Nazi Germany's mass murder of Jews weighs on German-Israeli relations to this day.

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It is a tremendous emotional challenge for both sides, especially for Holocaust survivors and their descendants, but also a step towards closer relations after unforgettable crimes. In , amid the violence and terror of the Second Intifada, Israel starts building a kilometer-long mile-long barrier of barbed wire, concrete wall and guard towers between itself and Palestinian areas of the West Bank. It suppresses the violence but does not solve the larger political conflict. The wall grows in length over the years and is projected to reach around kilometers.

Germany's current foreign minister, Heiko Maas, steps decisively into an ever closer German-Israeli relationship.

Israeli writer Amos Oz: Trump did one thing that every other country should also do

His first trip abroad as the country's top diplomat is to Israel in March At the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem, he lays a wreath in memory of Holocaust victims. Two well-renowned Israeli authors, Amos Oz and David Grossman, and an Argentine first-time novelist are among the shortlisted finalists for this year's Man Booker International Prize for fiction.

Germany's foreign minister ended a hour trip to Israel warning the country against abandoning a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He called on Israel to clarify its policy on Mideast peace talks. His novel "Judas," a socially relevant tale of treachery and mystery, has struck a nerve in Germany. But it seems unlikely he will secure concrete commitments when he meets EU foreign ministers Monday. During a visit to the region, he urged the Palestinians "not to tear down bridges.