LADY STANHOPES MANUSCRIPT and Other Supernatural Tales

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I am, I hope, somewhat slimmer now. And I finally had my hair cut a month ago don't know why I didn't do it sooner - it's much nicer. Darroll still has the beard!

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Mar 8, GMT ropardoe said:. There is the touch on the shoulder that comes when you are walking quickly homewards in the dark hours, full of anticipation of the warm room and bright fire, and when you pull up, startled, what face or no-face do you see? Have said it before, but there's a great omnibus anthology to be had from the quality fiction published in the newsletter.

Lady Stanhope's Manuscript and Other Supernatural Tales

Admittedly I've only been aboard since 27, but in that time there's not been a story I didn't rate. Carla, his much younger - and far more sensible - Italian girlfriend admonishes him "Don't put it in your mouth, you don't know what has lipped there, with blowing and sucking," but he can't resist a quick blast. The whistle summons amorous elemental forces which assume physical form by fashioning rudimentary 'bodies' from refuse.

In one particularly eerie sequence, Jago is molested by a touchy-feely black bin liner. Worst of it is, he can no more throw the damn whistle away than resist blowing it when alone. Matters reach a head after an evening in the local bar Besides the obvious precursor, maybe something of of Ramsey Campbell's Litter , too, which is not to suggest Mr. Chislett brings nothing of his own to the party. Ultimately - and through little fault of the male lead - The Whistle Thing strikes me as a feel-good love story with cracking supernatural episodes.

The new custodian is determined to exploit the estate's latent tourist potential.

To this end he organises regular, increasingly tacky theme events, the volunteer staff imposed upon to don 'authentic' period costume for the occasion. None of which sits well with Avril, the veteran tour guide. When aged scholar Mr.

First Lensman by E. E. "Doc" Smith

Matthew Fell prevails upon the custodian to stage one such extravaganza in the library, she considers tending her resignation. The library is Avril's holy of holies.

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It was assembled by a certain Mr. Abney, a wealthy recluse of "eccentric" interests, who died horribly on the night of March 12 Eighty years later, Mr.

Under Milk Wood: A Play for Voices.

Abney became the victim of a smear campaign when, for reasons known only to himself, a busy-body Dean with nothing better to do published a lurid fiction where-in said Abney is libelled as a Black Magician, Alchemist and ritual child murderer! Apparently this creepy old fossil Mr. Fell is of similar opinion which tells Avril all she needs to know about scholars! Fell's upcoming performance involves his masquerading as Mr. Abney to deliver a cursory history of the Hall interspersed with readings from the library's racier volumes.

In the days leading up to the event, Fell grows increasingly uncomfortable, sensing that he is being spied upon by figures he can but vaguely and very briefly discern. The ticket buying public are in for a livelier evening than they might have anticipated. Mar 16, GMT dem bones said:. Not a problem I had!!! James Newsletter 33 Haunted Library, March Because you provided so much help with the Harrison article thanks again , I counted you as a contributor so you got a comp copy mailed in the first bundle.

It still took a spectacularly short time to get to Australia though.


Most of the other overseas copies haven't even been mailed yet all will be in the post by tomorrow! God, but I hate when that happens - and it always does. She is available as a lecturer or after-dinner speaker on vampires and other aspects of Gothic literature. MA Dissertation: The Vampire in the Theatre The vampire is not a native of this country, but a comparatively recent immigrant, who arrived at the beginning of the nineteenth century, via literature and the stage. Our image of the vampire is basically a theatrical one, as it is largely through the theatre that he has become known. This dissertation traces the establishment of the vampire on the English stage and in the English consciousness, tracing the vampire figure through its various incarnations from Lord Ruthven to Count Dracula and beyond.

Doctoral Thesis: The Vampire in Popular Fiction The thesis traces the development of the vampire figure in popular fiction, from its first appearance in English fiction to the present day, by examining a series of representative texts in chronological order.

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All vampire stories are necessarily fiction but some have been told as a record of actual experience. I do not explore these in detail, but I include a consideration of such portions of vampire tradition as have been available to writers of English fiction. The vampire film, which is inextricably involved with vampire fiction has also made an important contribution to vampire traditions and although it is impossible to study the vampire film in depth in a thesis which is primarily devoted to prose fiction I look at the more influential films, especially those from the Hammer canon, and at the contribution from the vampire-theatre.

I also include a consideration of the various proto-vampires of history, tradition and literature, figures which, while they cannot themselves be identified as vampires, have contributed to the characteristics of the vampire-figure. Because I feel that the blood-sucking element in the vampire is extremely important, forming a complex web of associations both with eroticism and food, I also give some attention to the associations of blood and drinking in popular tradition.

The main argument of the thesis is that the vampire, being essentially a construct, like the little vampire doll which sparked my initial interest, and having no essential reality like Stoker's Dracula, the vampire stands before the mirror, but has no reflection, allowing the reader or spectator to insert any images he pleases so the vampire image can be repeatedly reconstructed and deconstructed in text after text.