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Some have even stayed. Like many Kihnu women, Ms. Matas is a multitasking dynamo who is fiercely passionate about preserving her heritage. In addition to managing several homestays on the island including one at her own home , she is also the current lighthouse keeper and an island tour guide. Her oldest daughter, Liis, then 18, was home from the mainland, where she lives during the week while she attends high school in Parnu.

There is no high school on Kihnu. Anni, 12, and Maria, 9, were rushing to get ready for the school talent show that evening.

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Like their mother, they all have flaxen blond hair and piercing cornflower blue eyes. At first glance, the petite, year-old mother of four would fit in anywhere with her sleek, chin-length bob, trendy black glasses and delicate gold hoop earrings.

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However, her closet is full of an everyday uniform of sorts: hand-woven skirts and custom paisley aprons. An apron worn over a Kihnu skirt signifies a married woman.

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Matas paused to count in her head. During my visit, I encountered only two, a visiting documentary filmmaker and a builder fixing a house. Matas poured a can of A.

Le Coq beer, a local favorite, into two dainty glasses. She handed one to me across the floral-patterned kitchen tablecloth and sipped the other while she cooked. The four-room house bursts with cheerful colors and textures, her remedy for the half-year gloom of Baltic winters.

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The door frames, windows and sideboard are painted a sunny yellow, occasionally with blue or red trim. The kitchen tablecloth is bright red with a large yellow and white floral pattern. In one framed picture, Ms. During his visit, Ms. Matas drove Mr.

Estonia was under Soviet occupation for roughly 50 years until its independence in Matas chuckled with a gleeful shrug. Kihnu society functions as a large, tight-knit family — and with that comes all of the typical big family behavior. At the school talent show, knowing looks volleyed from blond head to blond head as the women scooted their chairs closer to friends to gossip in low voices or exchange pleasantries in louder ones.

A toddler roamed around the schoolhouse gym freely, picked up and cuddled by unrelated women.

There is a clear hierarchy in Kihnu: children, community and, lastly, men. Aav told me during a visit to the Kihnu Museum , which displays the history and culture of the island and its important artifacts. The island is not for everyone — nor do the women want everyone to visit.

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Kartverkstan will offer all SMIR participants proper maps over each island making navigation to the goal even easier. However, park officials, ferry transportation providers and race management have the authority to cancel the event for emergency purposes such as, but not limited to, severe inclement weather to ensure public safety. If such emergency conditions force cancellation, the event entry fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, as funds will have been spent in preparation for the event.

However, registrants would be sent a complimentary ferry ticket to travel to the Boston Harbor Islands on their own at a future date; t-shirts would be mailed to applicable event participants; and spectator ferry tickets would be refunded. For more information contact race director John Childs at Baggage Check available for 5K participants only. Event day registration for all events will be available beginning at am on race day.

The relatively flat course on crushed stone path goes twice around around the perimeter of Spectacle Island.