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Do you feel as though his work has too much control over your family life?

My Husband Doesn't Share My Faith

Do you feel unappreciated and disrespected as you hold down the fort? Sharing your feelings with your husband can open up conversations that might help both of you understand how to better cope with your situation. As you submit to him and he loves you Eph. It also helps to remember why your husband is traveling. Hint: probably not because he likes being away from you.

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As his wife and necessary ally , you get to support him in this role. He cannot succeed without your help. Ask your husband what you can do to help him feel supported in his work.

How to Find Husband or Wife God’s way

Pray that you can approach the work situation as a team. Ask for help. If you have children at home, asking for help is crucial. Your resources are limited, but God has already provided what you need. Let the body of Christ help you in tangible ways. Ask a retired teacher to come over and help your children with homework. For my part, I went to work on God. Every day I prayed for a miracle.

Did I take any other action? Sometimes, in my desperation, I wanted to talk to someone. Anyone who might understand. It must have been in the early eighties when Dan crashed into a tree and totaled our truck, driving drunk. His drinking had progressed beyond just Friday nights. Yes, there was Dan the remorseful husband determined to reform. But then there was Dan the drinker, who I feared might never change, no matter what I did.

So I decided to just hunker down and make sure no one ever found out. There was no point in going on with this charade.

Dan was standing outside the emergency room when I pulled into the hospital parking lot. Shoulders slumped. Chin pressed to his chest. He looked so tired. Not this time. That single word almost knocked me down. Terribly alone.

Get Busy Working for God

Something clicked. The next few weeks were tough. Now it seemed to them that anything was possible.

I wanted them to know that no matter what happened, their father and I had made a commitment—to each other, and to them. Later I picked Dan up from counseling. He eased himself into the passenger seat and took my hand. I can only live one day at a time.

Seven Things To Know When Living With a Harsh Husband

We can be whole. And again something clicked. Had I truly sought his help, surrendered my problem to him? Keeping that secret had isolated me, even from God. No wonder I felt so alone. I thought back to the vows we had exchanged so many years ago. For better or for worse. In sickness and in health.

Restoring the trust in our marriage would take work. Not that I had to tell the world about it.

Click To Tweet 1. Pray that the Lord will give your husband godly friends. Pray that your husband will thrive in his job. Pray that God will give your husband opportunities to share the Gospel … with unbelieving friends and family members, and that he would have the courage to do so!

If you need some Scriptures to help build your faith for a spouse, meditate on these verses:

Pray that God will increase the intimacy between you and your husband this year, … and that you will both rejoice in deeper intimacy together. Pray that you will be precious to your husband. About Latest Posts.

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