Go to Camp (Bugville Critters #20)

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Bugville Critters Go to Camp (Bugville Critters #20)

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New Edition by Ed Brubaker. Robert Stanek quietly…. Jump to Page. Search inside document. As his children got older, they urged him to get the books published so other children could enjoy them. Robert Stanek quietly worked on the Bugville Critters for 15 years, satisfied with only the gleeful ch eers, laughs and giggles of his children who delighted to hear his tales of Bugville and a little bug called Buster.

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As his children got older, they urged him to get the books published so other children could enjoy them as much as they did, and that's exactly what Robert Stanek set out to do in As a young child, Robert Stanek's family was very poor. He was one of five children raised by a single mom. When asked, Robert recalls clearly days and weeks where flour and water pancakes were the only meals at home and school lunch was the only real food he ate.

School and the library were places Robert could escape the poverty and violence that filled his early life. His lifelong love of reading and writing began in the libraries of Racine an d Kenosha Wisconsin and in the classrooms of Janes Elementary School in Racine, Wisconsin.

Guide Go to Camp (Bugville Critters #20)

He started penning his first stories and keeping a journal as soon as he was old enough to hold a pencil and write on paper. My grandfather and grandmother planned to send two grandkids each summer, so I didn't get to go the next year. But as fate or luck would have it, I got to go each summer after, as my o ther cousins didn't like being away from h ome.