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Then we place small toy dinosaurs on the sides of the mountain.


Red food color is added to vinegar. We put baking soda in the bottle with a funnel, pour in the vinegar, and watch the volcano erupt! Karen is the founder of PreKinders. She also works as a full-time Pre-K teacher in Georgia. Read more Get Our Free Weekly Newsletter.

Fossils The World of Dinosaurs An Illustrated Tour Science & Math

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Be inspired by dinosaur eating and think about healthy eating; create your own healthy dinosaur feast. Learn about fossilised dinosaur eggs; speculate about dinosaur families and their behaviour; consider ideas about dinosaur communication and sounds; make some dinosaur inspired instruments and music.

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  • How did dinosaurs move? What is the evidence? Learn about fossilised footprints and their sizes; make dinosaur feet, masks and a cape; create dinosaur movements and routines for a final dinosaur stomp!

    Listen to 'Harry and his bucketful of dinosaurs'; explore all sorts of dinosaur maths including counting, measuring, weighing and sorting; learn dinosaur counting rhymes and make a dinosaur number line. This site uses cookies to give you the most relevant information. Paleontologists have long searched for clues as to what caused the mass extinction of the large dinosaurs. How did hundreds of species vanish so abruptly, leaving us only their fossilized remains as clues that they ever existed?

    Counting Dino-Sorters Math Activity Set

    This event in time is known as the K-Pg boundary, or the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary, a marker between an era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and a world more like today. The thin layer of rock at the K-Pg boundary marks the end of the Mesozoic Era and, along with it, the end of most of the Mesozoic species, including all non-flying dinosaurs. Believe it or not, we are still learning new things from these ancient rocks, both as scientists discover new sites and see technological improvements in the equipment used to study them.

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