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A longer version, or a epilogue would be right up my alley. Still, was a quick and very enjoyable read. Feb 15, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-ebooks-i-have-read , free-read.

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Is this her only seals on fire book? I have seen other authors with the same title, ate they working together, or just coincide? I totally loved this book A great way to start the series. View 2 comments. Feb 16, Milena rated it really liked it.

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A very enjoyable read but not long enough. Hot sex and interesting characters. Feb 18, Katina rated it liked it. This was good! So good, that I'm looking forward to the rest in the series. Like; around 60 something pages. For a short story, it held my attention and kept me interested! The writing was on point and the story flowed effortlessly. What else could you ask for?! Coyote — Lets first revel in the fact that this dude is named Coyote. While on leave, he does what most men in his position would do.. He goes to a bar — solely for some beer and a quick hook up.

Lets be honest, as a military man, you never know when work will call. So who has time for the long term? Especially after having been hurt in the past. You know, for that short term fling he was looking for. Genius that he is, or respectable as he is your decision he informs her that all he is looking for is a fling.

SEALs on Fire Review & The Sassy Seven Authors (+bloopers!)

Like most women, she heads in the opposite direction. The week they spend together is not only hot, but unforgettable. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a hot, steamy romance, with a touch of SEAL and epic-ness! Apr 05, Niina rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads , erotic-romance-gems , hot , sexy-seals. Coyote Heat is a short novella with unexpected passion, lust and one kick in the gut for our love'em and leave'em SEAL when he meets the one woman who tucks at his heartstrings, something he was sure would never happen.

I've loved Desiree Holt's writing for a while now, she's great a creating short erotic love stories that are both wicked hot and heartwarming. She's got talent in writing creative dialogue as well as real hot men! Loved Coyote! Then again I do find SEALs very hot, so there you go Coyote Heat is a short novella with unexpected passion, lust and one kick in the gut for our love'em and leave'em SEAL when he meets the one woman who tucks at his heartstrings, something he was sure would never happen. I could have found it tacky, but it was just endearing watching him get sucker bunched by affection that way.

The romance between Coyote and Cori was a hot read! Holt sure knows how to write them! It started with a bit of spice, then bit of sweet and then a whole lot of hot!

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And ended with oh so sweetly Perfect for a short 66 page erotic romance. Mar 02, Djg rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , series , hot-romance , free , short. I expected better from Desiree Holt. Because it was so short I didn't get to know the characters at all. Dude 1 Coyote spills a drink on Cori and she retaliates by dumping the remainder over his head. They change clothes and make up then decide to get jiggy basically an hour or so after they've met.

Two night later they are declaring there is much more to this than a fling and want to see where it will go. He gets paged back to duty but leaves her with a stuffed animal and a promise to return. The End. Love scenes were sexy and it was short so it kept my interest, I have the rest of the installments so I'll keep going. Feb 12, Daisy Sloan rated it it was ok Shelves: erotic , a-bnl , kindle , romance , soldier , sex-with-strangers , free I really wanted to like this story.

It's a really short story and I had a hard time connecting with the characters. I found I just didn't care about them. I'm not really sure why. There was one thing that happened that confused me in the beginning. Coyote spills a drink on Cori. She leaves the bar and he heads to the restroom to change shirts. When he comes back, Cori's back at the bar with fresh clothes on. I never did figure out where t I really wanted to like this story.

I never did figure out where the new clothes for her came from so quickly. It was bizarre to me. I'll check out the next one in the series. I'm hoping I like cuz I love me a man in uniform! May 13, Shelly Schulz rated it really liked it Shelves: books-of , four-star-review , romance , contemporary-romance , military , alpha-male-character-warning. I like this one. I like this one a lot. In fact this book and Aiden's book are tied for my favorite as of right now. I have four more in this series to read. I like that Cori has a past, and it takes her a while to trust Coyote to even open up to him on a personal rather than just sex level.

I like that Coyote, the alpha male who loves and leaves and doesn't seem to care too much about emotions is gobsmacked and hooked because Cori doesn't take any of his bologna. They communicate with each ot I like this one.

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They communicate with each other, which is another aspect of their blossoming relationship that I like. This one cuts off short, but I didn't mind it as much. I want to know more about these two, as their chemistry is amazing. Feb 24, Char 1RadReader59 rated it really liked it. I totally got into the story. There were a few problems with spelling with an extra letter in most cases that changed the worked meaning to be used.

As far as the story itself ok, in the bar when Cori changed clothes did she have some in the car or what? The second issue I totally got into the story. The second issue just wish there was an epilogue it just spots. I was happy for the most part. But felt cheated too.

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Overall I recommend I did enjoy it but know it is a romantic erotica. Shelves: kindle-prime. This is a fast read, but very enjoyable! We are introduced to some of the members of SEAL Team Arapaho, who are on a weekend break or until they are summoned back to base camp between missions in Key West. Coyote knows he's only looking for some weekend fun Even though they both want no-strings, temporary fun, they recognize that what is happening between them has potential for much more.

A fun read that ended a little too abrup This is a fast read, but very enjoyable!

A fun read that ended a little too abruptly for me. I look forward to reading the rest of Team Arapaho stories.

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Feb 18, Brenda rated it liked it. I would actually give Coyote Heat closer to a four, but I felt the ending was rather abrupt. It's a fun, quick, steamy read between a SEAL on leave and a woman who's been burned by a military guy in the past. I really liked both characters, but because the story was so short they didn't feel as developed as I would have preferred. I do recommend Coyote Heat for a lunch time read, or a before bed quickie:. Mar 02, Patricia rated it it was amazing.


Then again I'm not sure Desiree can write a book that rates below a five. Coyote was just looking to blow off some steam and Cori was not looking at all. At first she blew him off but he knew what he wanted which of course was Cori he stated as much and was given a chance to be much more than either one could have imagined. You cant go wrong wwith one of her books.